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  • I think that at the root of it all we are trying to break the terrible and sad stigma that being gay is bad and shameful and embarrassing and wrong. So may people have it ingrained in their minds that even hinting that someone is gay is horrific and mean and your bullying them. That is what I see the Rainbow Direction movement is really trying to achieve - break the stigma. Hopefully there will come a day that being asked if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend will be not offend anyone.
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  • 1. Don’t try to piss quietly. Nobody in a public restroom thinks you’re knitting in your stall. They came to piss, just like you. And if you have to take a dump, do it. Get over your fear of public toilets. It’ll make life a lot easier.

    2. Masturbate. Masturbate a lot. Talk about it with your friends. You’ve got the right to make yourself feel good and brag about it just like all the boys with extra large kleenex packages on their desks.

    3. If you want the large fries, get the large fries. Hunger and appetite are nothing to be ashamed of, just human. Don’t ever feel guilty for eating in front of others. You need to nourish your body to stay alive. We all do.

    4. Laugh as loud as you have to, no matter if you snort or gasp or literally scream.

    5. Fart when you have to.

    6. Always remember you weren’t born to visually please others. Forget the phrase “what if they think it’s ugly”. If you think it’s lovely, it is lovely. You wanna wear it, wear it!

    7. Speak your mind! You can learn to do so without insulting others or shoving your opinion down other people’s throats.


    Seven Simple Ways To Free Yourself, from girl to girl (via notcapableoflove)

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    everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19

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  • Fishing - 15/8

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